C-172 Skyhawk
Engine Failure
Pilot: Joe Della Barba

We were near Richmond, Virginia on our way to North Eleuthera, when
the engine oil pump failed. Note the oil pressure reading 0 and also note
the oil temperature is fine. No oil being pumped equals no overheating.
The Cessna manual states that normal oil temperature and low or no
pressure is a faulty gauge. Not this time!

Definitely a good time to squawk 7700. We were flying around
5,000 or 6,000 feet when this happened, so we had time to pick a
good farm field to land in.

N5253R at rest at Pierce's Farm. Not a scratch on the airplane
or the passengers. Logged as cross-country, 1.5 hours from W29
to Pierce's Field. In case you were wondering, we were charged
for the 1.5 hours. A new engine was trucked in and the airplane
was flown out of the field.

On our way in a Piper Archer the next day.