Beechcraft Duchess
Dallas to South Caicos
Pilot: Joe Della Barba
December, 1990

The tip of the Exuma chain shows on the radar. Radar is a great aid to
navigation in the Islands when flying on top of a cloud layer.

Copilot Gail on the ground in South Caicos.

South Caicos doesn't have much to do, but what it does have is some of
the clearest water and best snorkeling I have ever seen.

Night life. This isn't a band, the instruments are just sitting there for 
anyone who wants to use them.

One of the girls from a marine biology lab on the island. They were very
excited to have visitors to this very off the beaten track locale. We ended
flying a planeload of mail to Florida for all of them.

A common site in the Islands. I think this was an Aztec.

On the ground in Nassau. After bribing an Air Canada fuel truck driver
to find some gas for us, Gail applies her artistic talents to big N numbers
made from duct tape.