Coquina is a veterna of several Great Ocean Races. This article was written about the first one we raced in. Something not mentioned was that the boat was freshly launched and rigged after a paint job and the running lights were wired on the way to the start. This also accounts for the hurried stowage of supplies. This race was one of the roughest I have even been in. Note the "well equiped" nav station had a depthfinder and an RDF! Our competition included another C&C 35 and a C&C 33 3/4 ton special. They were both hours behind us :-)
Thanks to Sail Magazine for finding this in the archives! The orignal was lost many years ago. This was first published in March, 1980.

Same Race, from Heartland of Delmarva


Puffin, C&C 30, in the Great Ocean Race

Lady Jane Burns!

I believe this is from 1981 or 1982. Coquina is visible in the start photo with our sail number 11859 on the main and number 1 genoa. Lady Jane was far enough behind us that we were not aware of these events when they happened. These are scans of poor copies that have been in a shed for decades now, so the quality is a bit off.
Multihulls in the GOR